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There are two things that I find myself doing that I think really illustrate how geeky I really am. The first is that I often find myself using a semicolon rather than a period to end a written sentence (semicolons are used at the end of most lines in many programming languages). The second is that I find myself writing a new application to “help myself think.” Where most people might go for a walk or read a book, I sit down and write a program. It helps me step away from whatever I’m doing and let problems solve themselves in my subconscious. Anyway, a few nights ago I really needed to step back from some of the projects I’m working on, so I wrote a Web-based chatroom. I haven’t really tested it much, and I know it’ll only work on more modern browsers, but I thought it might be fun to have others join me for a chat.

Join me at

UPDATE: Everyone’s left and I’ll probably start tweaking the system again soon–so don’t expect it to work if you try it out.

You need your NACHI username and password to join in.


Chris Good Luck With Chat Room .don’t Worry About Bugs I’m Sure You Will Work Them Out!!!


Good job Chris! Very talented man.


Take it from an old 27+ year programmer / analyst. This is normal.

Just take some time, and rely on the “back ground” processing inherent in every human brain.

I just loved writing new code. The subtle algorytham (still can’t spell that dang word), the new, all purpose object, the joy of a totally off the wall concept actually working (go figure).

When faced with a particularly difficult ‘challange’ (as management used to call them), I would find myself having the most complex of dreams, a nightmare that I enjoyed! I would actually dream of coding the “ULTIMATE PROGRAM”. Theory of everything kind of stuff (must be my Physics background). At the end, I would finally ‘get it’, and G-d would appear, in the form of Steven Hawkings, and his vo-coder would say, “Well done, my good and faithful son”.

But, maybe that’s just me.

Now I dream of attics and crawlspaces.

Hi Chris -

Do you have an ETA for completion of the chatroom? Please let us know. Thanks!


It probably won’t be finished any time soon. It was mostly just something for me to play with when I needed a break from other projects. I do expect to pick it up again, though. I actually have a few interesting ideas for it. But it probably won’t be for a month or two at least.