Live Class: How to Become a Certified Home Energy Inspector

Register to attend our free, live home inspection training class on how to become a Certified Home Energy Inspector. Bring your questions.

Tuesday February 17, 2015 from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM EST.

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Registered thanks. Can’t wait.


working & won’t be able to attend, please answer the 2

define certified?

does certification actually equate to competency?

It’ll be video recorded and available later on

  1. By “certified,” I mean InterNACHI provides certification.
  2. And, I wouldn’t say that certification equates competency. Certification is provided to individuals who meet an assessment standard, demonstrating that they have the right stuff to perform an inspection (competence). Certification does not ensure that a person will perform a inspection competently, but that they have learned what it takes to do so.
    Good questions.

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ok if that’s what you believe as fact
appears from under educated posts made by many that have done or profess to have done the courses that comprehension lasts as long as it takes to get certified
less than a few hours in most cases…ymmv