Live east of the Mississippi? Chip in with your opinion.

House of Horrors2 in Weston, Florida. This House is a teaching tool for inspectors east of the Mississippi, but with an emphasis on Florida, especially south Florida.

I have 8 roof sections (most are 7’ tall and 6.6 ’ wide having separator walls with 30" roofs separating them) and need to use them to show proper and improper installations. All have headwall and sidewall conditions. They also have separator walls with 30" wide roofs to replicated ridge conditions (see photos)

Feel free to make suggestions. Here’s what I have:

  1. Stone slate with a valley and a gabled edge. Those of you who’ve visited the House of Horrors 1 in Boulder, CO have already seen this condition.

  2. Concrete S tile with chimney, plumbing stack vent, and skylight penetrations, a continuous ridge vent (?) and hips. Rake and eve terminations.

  3. Asphalt shingle with shingles cutaway to show sidewall step/continuous sidewall flashing, headwall, and roof edge flashing, plumbing stack vent penetrations, and improper fastening.

  4. Asphalt shingles showing racking installation. Using shingle for which racking is required (not allowed or not recommended for most shingles).

  5. Asphalt shingle showing examples of intentional damage designed to cheat insurance companies

  6. Clay barrel tiles installed with adhesive foam. Headwall, sidewall and eve terminations and flashing. Plumbing stack vent penetrations.

  7. Clay barel tiles installed using battens and counter battens

  8. Metal roofing, exposed fasteners, showing proper fastening locations.

Are you looking for ideas of defects that are common to Florida?

East of the Mississippi. I’m in South Florida. I was thinking more of other states.

Concrete tiles, SWR and flashing, stucco and flashing. Pools.

Kick-out flashing, nails through head flashing

Missing cricket, plumbing vents damaged by squirrels

Good suggestions.
Looking for a volunteer to chew the plumbing vents.