Live Face On Web

I simply want to get your opinions regarding Live Face On Web

When I see this on other websites it really doesn’t appeal to me but I would like your opinions please.

I find them to be annoying.

I second that motion

My thought exactly gentlemen. I’m simply attempting to see if everyone is in the same boat.

I didn’t find the example on the website that annoying but it probably would be on yours :smiley: My suggestion is to make then a manual rather than auto start. David Andersen has a good example:

I find the volume all of the sudden happening annoying. I kind of like the idea and would not mind auto start if it started with movement then showed something like click here to see what I have to say. I would definitely try to use an attractive person to do it but what do I know I use me on my site. Note that On purpose it does not start on it’s own because many find the sudden noise a bother. Same thoughts on music on a site. I do not want to HEAR anything unless I click play or do something to activate it. I would have to be browsing the web somewhere where I was or should be being quite and then all of the sudden have someone pitching something to me at whatever volume I left my computer on.

It is the future though.

OMG! I actually agree with Mike. I would be more open to the above, if the user had control, making it actually INTERACTIVE! David’s is a great start, but I would like it to go further. Key is, give the user the oppourtunity to adjust to what they would like to enhance their experience.

Look out now :slight_smile: