Live from site

Someone asked how to attach live shots from a cell phone.
Simply go to file as usual and instead of opening you computer files there should
Be a list opening that includes camera and gallery.
The one below is live from my site.

Nice Bob. Man you do get into a lot of dirty places, hope you protected yourself from germs as opposed to last time.:shock:


Still here and no mask is in the car.
Yes moldy because there is no main shut off and water is on but not heat which may be a good thing. Flue looks blocked and the indoor catch Basin is full of crop.
Just booked another old one for Thursday.

You missing this?.. Lol

Geek show off!!, thanks for the instruction

Hit a record 476 pictures.
Gut job but I go through all systems anyway and build a case for my comments.
That’s the way I roll.
Had to stick my 30 foot camera pole out the 2nd floor window to check the chimney as the roof was sloped steeply.
Here is a random ledge shot while I am waiting for my Hot dog.

Charlie would of just walked that roof and shimmied the chimney . :slight_smile:

Charlie works rural.
I seriously doubt he could climb this one. 60 degrees angle and needs a 40 foot ladder.

Charlie drinks red bull and has wings lol

You just had to go there, didn’t you?.. :shock:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: