??Live in Sacramento September 23 ??

So… um wondering if the below event is happing or not?
I always check the nachi site for updates or meeting in my area. So when I go to the CalNachi site I see this listed.
Wondering why not listed on Nachi?

*Spend an evening with Laurel and Hardy aka Nick & Keith *
Please join us Tuesday, Sept. 23rd from 6:00 -10:00 pm for a fun and an educational evening featuring Nick Gromicko and Keith Swift, our own Laurel and Hardy
*The evening will be devoted to Avoiding Litigation, Asset Protection, and Marketing.

All attendees will receive 4 hours of education units, and as usual, all CREIA members are welcome to attend at the CalNACHI and Internachi members cost of $150.00. *

Don’t miss your chance to meet these two dynamic people and learn from the pros.
Reserve your spot fastreply@calnachi.org This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it 818-363-0176


Because it’s a CalNACHI event, not an iNACHI event.

Jeff, I’m about 99% sure that article is from last year. I remember adding it to the CalNACHI site quite awhile back. There was going to be something soon but Nick hurt his back so it was postponed. Double check with Keith just to make sure.

thank you much thought it looked weird.
wow, that calnachi site is a little out of date

thank u much


That would explain…

As Sept. 23, 2009 is a Wednesday!

Well as new articles get added , the old get pushed down, just like here on the main NACHI site. There just should have been a year attached to the date so it was clear!

So where are all the calnachi inspectors at? I also dont see much on the calnachi message board, seems like its all here…

Well since almost all the CalNACHI members are InterNACHI members, they are mostly here.

Yes most are here as CalNachi board and some Nor Cal chapters are no longer…Thats the way I see it…Ive asked many of times for you guys in the Norcal area to contact me to regroup but not 1 call. Im sure it has to do with all of us stepping on each other right now in this market. I checked the other day at CalNachi and hasnt been much action. Anyone that wants to get the SacValley/Central Valley chapter going again should contact me.