load cliiper?

came across a loudly buzzing “load clipper” as was stated on the label. 2 circuits inside…1 attached to heat pump and the other to stove. 1 of the circuits looked like it was burned (electrically). Label said 30 amp max, circuit “must open” at 15 amps. I guess this is some sort of pre-historic gfci? Recommended an electrician take a look since the circuit was burned and was buzzing pretty good. insight?



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Sorry Scott. Electrical load controller, turns off one piece of equipment when power use goes up. Popular in the 1970’s after the energy crisis. I always defer them.

A "buzzing"sound coming from an enclosure containing a relay usually signifies a relay armature that is not closing completely due to things like rust, sticking mechanism, movement blocked by insect activity, etc. The result can be a burned load contact and eventually failure to compelte th circuit. No matter - the relay probably should be replaced.