Load Regulator Panel

I was just curious if anyone else has run across a Load Regulator Panel. I came across one the other day. The house was built in the late 1970s and had several renovations completed in it’s history. The Load Regulator Panel was installed below the Main Electric Panel and Subpanel .

Any thoughts on what the Load Regulator Panel is used for would be greatly appreciated. The house did have a hot tub room



Was there a back up generator?

Any solar equipment?

No solar equipment or back up generators.

How about an image…a picture is worth a thousand guesses…I mean words…:wink:

Probably has something to do with the water heater or HVAC unit.

Did the house have electric baseboard heat?

Sorry for the delayed response.

The house was service by baseboard units, but, feed by a boiler. I have attached an image this time.



Looks like a step controller with current monitoring