Lobster Pot? Toilet? It' Both!!

Haven’t posted in a while, but had to share this. Someone has just too much free time on thier hands.

lobster pot 002 (Small).jpg

lobster pot 001 (Small).jpg

Is that your crapper MC Hammer???:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

The handles on the sides are a nice touch and dang handy when someone has tied one on and a little unsteady on their feet while “chumming” the waters.

A porcelain tank would have been much easier (and cheap) to install than this contraption. They do manufacture corner tanks.


I love it!

I once used an aquarium instead of the normal tank(this example a pot), but I kept loosing fish.


Funny Linas, :slight_smile:

But that tank is too small for this guy.



That’s one heck of a lobster, Marcel.

Does he snip your rebar to size on those commercial projects for ya?:smiley:

Don’t know about rebar Larry, but they sure would do a number on a finger. ha. ha.

I wish that picture would be me, that would mean I am on vacation . ha. ha.

Marcel :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley:

No problem Thomas, you just get bigger fish.

It fit’s if you’re going to the can, or sitting on the pot!

Hey thats kool! We live in the mountains and Im always lookin for unique rustic ideas for cabins. I was thinkin of usin a galvanized pail for a hand sink in a guest bath…i mean you can plumb it…never thought of a toilet back like this…all you need is the lid…hehe…i like it!

I would think cold well water would make that thing sweat like a …well, er… sweat real bad.

Dana I am with you.
I enjoy making rustic furniture on occasion myself.
Have all 3 of Dan Macks books and when the day comes for me to retire to a log cabin in the woods with a big picture window overlooking my boat dock…well I can dream.

Hey Robert
That sounds very nice. I want a house boat.

House boat? In the mountains? …It’s been done… Think NOAH…:wink: :slight_smile:

Do I smell romance in the air???:wink: :wink:

**Romance is good. But I was raised on the water front just off the Chesapeake bay. Kinda grew up more in the water than out. Lived in St Petersburg, Fl. for a long while…sailing, scuba diving, etc. So now that Im in the mountains I spend as much time at Lake Blue Ridge as I can in the summer…problem is real estate on the lake is getting close to 1 mill per lot. House boat on the lake would be just about perfect. Swim off the bow, fish of the stern, sun on the top, fall asleep with a good book in the shade. yeah Im getting old…:wink: **

I Love It!