Local Franchise Inspector give Gov't Ammo

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Is that the intent? To keep people that screw up or may screw up in the future, or may get lazy with time from ever getting started?

I don’t think so.
It is as much about “continued compliance”. It is a quick fix to a 2 yr law suit (while the crap head keeps on, keeping on).

It would be nice if we didn’t need speed limits on our highways, (it’s just about the money anyway, isn’t it?) but people use excessive speed and hurt others. Speed, and they yank your licence or fine you to try to get your attention (or just make more money?). Doesn’t work all the time, but if you loose your licence and continue to speed, you’ll find yourself in the “Big House”.

It is a “Standard” for all drivers to know, understand and comply with.
Your driving test doesn’t qualify you to be an Ice Road Trucker, It’s to see of you can complete the first steps to get out on the road and start learning by doing. To see if you are willing to “comply” with the Rules of the Road.

Screw up, and you won’t be at it long.

I don’t like gov control in the least, but I have lived in several 3rd world countries and you don’t want them idiot drivers on our roads…
If they come here and drive like that, they won’t be at it long. Why? Because of “Licencing”…

As I have said many times before, licensing provides a regulated standard to a specific task. It’s not one inspector doing it one way and another inspector doing it another. It’s not one lawyer’s opinion of how it should be done over another’s. You can put a quick end to the “what do I do now” questions on this message board when clients file complaints that are not justified because they do not pertain to the standards of the inspection. Just one person’s opinion over another if there isn’t a regulated requirement. You want these things to go away? It’s quite simple here, just send them the link to license board and they will mediate it.

I don’t need 62 pages of disclaimers in my inspection report. What I do and I don’t do is set in stone down at the Statehouse. As everyone says, it’s just a minimum standard. If so, then it should be very easy for everyone to comply. If you can’t conduct your inspection to the minimum standards you got a problem. If you want to do more, you are welcome to.

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David Bowman just does not balance with me.
Here we have a person who could be using a phony Name who refuses to say where he lives and even if he is a home Inspector giving thoughts and ideas on what we should do.
He could influence some never homies on what they think.
I keep getting a very foul taste in my mouth from him .

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