Local inspection statistics

I did a quick search in here and came up empty handed, but I was just curious if there are any statistics available regarding the volume of business my local inspectors are doing?

I’m basically trying to get a view of who is active and taking the largest pieces of the pie in my immediate area. Do inspectors report the # of jobs they are doing to interNACHI, or is there any other resource to look up the number of booked jobs inspectors have done?

Thanks in advance if any of this is attainable.

This information is not available anywhere.

I only look at how many homes are being sold to the number of inspections I am doing. There is no other data base that I know of.

That is not entirely accurate… anymore.
Now that Nick collects $6 for each and every home inspected from participants of the “Buy it Back” program, he has this info for that segment of inspectors.

And with less than 5% of NACHI inspectors utilizing this program, and NACHI being maybe 35% of the inspections performed nationwide at best, that number means nothing.

ISN would likely be a better place to get stats from but I would never sign off to have my numbers floating around for my competition to see.

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None of us even know where you are located. Update your profile.

David, My location/profile has nothing to do with my question of “do inspectors report the # of jobs they are doing to interNACHI?”

I was under the impression that I’d be limited to finding the number of homes sold to estimate the total # of inspections, but thought I’d give it a shot to see if there were any individual stats to search.

Thank you to the rest of you that offered actual input!

Actually David is partially correct. When you have your location included in your profile, you may get posts from someone in that specific area / state that may have information that is related to your question. If you are in Florida, someone from Oregon or Idaho may not have information that is generic to your question.

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We kind of know who is rockin’ and rollin’. We have it from the Buy Back Program (BTW, it’s $5, not $6), the “Now That You’ve Had a Home Inspection” book sales, data provided by inspectors to our E&O insurance program, FetchReport, the Call Me Now button data, the Online Inspection Agreement System, etc.

We just can’t release it.

Actually, your location has everything to do with your question " how many inspections are my local inspectors performing?"

What does local inspectors mean?

You will definitely have more inspections in Los Angeles, CA than in Rochester, NY.

That said, there is really no valid way to know. I did go to a realtor friend a while back who could tell me how many properties closed the prior year. But that includes vacant lots, buildings, and foreclosures owned by RE companies. Still no info on number of closed properties that were inspected, or ones that didn’t close** because** of an inspection.

Some of us know… :wink:

Many, I mean many years ago another home inspection Trade group solicited it’s members and asked them to provide some information for a survey. Providing the information was truthful the survey was an excellent guidepost for the industry.

It provided data on:
Number of Inspections Performed
Single inspector or multi-inspector
Business structure
I recall there being at least twenty questions in the survey.

This information helped me plan the direction I was taking my firm. It also allowed me to take a pulse on my initiatives. Maybe a survey like this could happen again. 2016 or 2015 data would go a long way to creating a viable business plan.

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