Local NACHI Chapter

Where is the nearest Chapter to Colorado Springs?

Tom Camp


In Colorado Springs. I’ve been to two meetings myself :wink: Contact Scott Widick, or Hank Valenzano. They would know.

Don’t miss Tuesday’s social network marketing meeting: http://co.nachi.org/denver/event536.html

Good bunch of guys there!
Nearly 7 years ago, we created Colorado NACHI (when I lived there).
Only a handful of members across the entire state.
Then Nick moved from PA, and we mushroomed, creating a bunch of local chapters.
That was easier than running up & down the Front Range, alternating meeting locations like we used to do!

Nick called the 1st meeting in Boulder (2003?) and we had the first State meeting in Longmont.

BTW, tell Hank his hair is too short . . .

I can see it now.

Hello, my name is Russel and I am a home inspector.

All: Hello Russel.

(Please note the AA reference)