Lock box electronic key

Does anyone use an electronic key, For lockboxs, How much is it where can I do some research. Some realators get frustrated when they have to make arrangements to open the house. Thanks in advance Gary

Depends on you area.

check with your local realtors association.

Thanks Mike

You would need to join the local Realtor association and pay monthly for the key. Call your local association and ask if they offer the key to affiliate members. If they do offer it, most places set you up needing a CBS code, which is different than the ones realtors use. You do not get a code to enter any house but you can call the agent and request the CBS code for the property to enter. Many associations are going away from allowing affiliate member lockbox access, even with the CBS code. My association here discontinued affiliate membership about 2 months ago.

If the RE Association offers an affiliate membership its well worth the price to have access to an electronic key. The only problem you will have is that when you open the home and an agent is not present you are now responsible so if the buyers show up with the mother and father in law, 2 kids,a dog, and scheduled several contractors for estimates things could happen, especially if the home is furnished and occupied. So you need to tell them its not an open house and if they want to invite extra people then their agent needs to be present. Then tell them again and remind them before the inspection as we know most don’t listen or pay attention. I know of several inspectors who will not allow them to enter the home unless an agent is present. Check with your RE Assoc on their policy as it may differ.