Lockbox Access?

In KC an affiliate of the Realtor Board can get a Supra Key. We do not have blanket access like Realtors. We have to have the listing agents CBS Code.

As a general rule most of our REA’s tap dance around the flag pole:

Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know what a CBS code is. Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know which one of my boxes is on that house. Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know what my CBS code is. Oh, I’m sorry my broker says we don’t let home inspectors in a vacant house to pick up his radon monitor without us being there to supervise. Oh, I’m sorry the Kansas City Board says its against the state real estate rules AND ethics to allow a home inspector in a house without us being there to supervise AND we could lose our license if someone complains about it. Oh I’m sorry we’re worried an inspector might steal something OR hurt someone (but wait isn’t it the REA’s themselves NOT the inspectors who have had agents arrested for identity theft; selling drugs; armed robbery; attempted rape; murder; attempted sodomy of underage minors; etc). I guess they think alone in a house we might do the type things they’ve been accused of in KC.

In short I’ve not seen such BS artists / Control Addicts ANYWHERE except here.

But as Gary Farnsworth said: Let the REA’s open up. I’m sure every time the KC inspector was a little picky on an inspection we’d hear … My stamps were gone; my widget is broke, etc, etc.