Loft area railing?

Looking for some report writing information on loft areas. A loft area is 6 feet off the floor in a bedroom that is 12x8 landing made for a play area and access to bedroom egress window with a ladder to access the loft area. Looking for information pertaining to a railing for this area and where standards can be found on the web to print out.

Thanks, Dan

Hmmm I am wondering about the ladder part.

Use deck and stairway standards.

The ladder is a decorative wood kind of like you would see at a library to access tall book shelfs just stationary. The questions the client has is wanting information on loft areas needing a railing. I need the data/standard to say lofts not just stairways for good clarification. Kind of jumping through hoops here but a good client.

Thanks, Dan

I still think you can use deck railing(guardrail) codes as a basis for concerns on safety.
Can someone be hurt?

-These should be secure. Push on
them to be sure there is no give.
-Also, check to be sure they are high
enough (most codes require a 36”
high railing and usually encourage 42”
high railings) with rails no more than 4”
inches apart (measured from the inside
of the rails) to keep small children and
pets from squeezing through. This is
especially important the higher your
deck is off the ground.


R312.1 Guards.

Porches, balconies, ramps or raised floor surfaces
located more than 30 inches (762 mm) above the floor
or grade below shall have guards not less than 36
inches (914 mm) in height.
Open sides of stairs with a
total rise of more than 30 inches (762 mm) above the
floor or grade below shall have guards not less than
34 inches (864 mm) in height measured vertically
from the nosing of the treads.

Visual interpretation- 2006 stair building code