Log Cabin Kit Homes

Hey Everyone,
I came across a Log cabin kit home this past weekend. I noticed the windows were installed different from anything I have ever seen. Very curious to why or if this is a log cabin thing?

Installed on the outside without any type deterrence method of rainwater. It had something similar to a case and base attached to it without any caulk or sealing. I did a moisture test because I was sure it would be high and it was not. The type of wood is cypress not like it should make a difference. 2002 Log cabin kit, Renovated in 2018.

So to sum up, Are log cabin windows installed differently then any other structure? And if so, Why?? Also could it be that whomever installed the windows just got lazy and did an absolute poor job?

Thank you ahead of time for anyone’s response or feedback. InterNACHI Rocks

Welcome and if you want some good opinions, posting a picture would help and where you are located would also help people in the same region chime in.


Check with manufacturer for installation instructions both the window and log home

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Welcome to our forum, Eric!..Enjoy! :smile:

Eric, some install “D” shaped logs like this: http://www.locktitelogs.com/windows.htm and this: https://www.logbuilding.org/InstallWindowsOne.NatLogHomes.pdf

I always installed a buck inside the r.o. of the logs to shim it square and plumb and it would be slightly smaller the the log diameter so the water would drain off after I cut a bevel on each logo butt end vertically and horizontally and then installed the flashing and trim, etc.

Never seen this method, but here it is.

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