Log home class typo

Just an FYI , see attached photo

It has to be 8 foot and not 8 inch. First, I don’t think I have ever seen an 8-inch diameter log used in a log home. Second, the bead is one-sixth the diameter of the log but don’t use the dimensions for this calculation. Simply take the diameter of the log, 8, and divide it by 6 to get the bead width in inches. I think this is Common Core math…LOL

Thanks, Frank.

Except for one in Sequoia, I’ve never seen a log home with 8’ diameter logs. :slight_smile:


Oh, great course by the way. It explains a lot of things I’ve seen, but didn’t know all the details of the cause. Mainly WDO. Thanks.

Frank, Kim is shipping you some stuff for catching that typo.

I have never seen one with 8" diameter logs. My company in Texas built about 50 log homes in East Texas back in the '70s and ‘80s. Not a single one had 8" logs, but none had 8’ logs, either.

So maybe the number needs to be changed to something like 3’ or 4’ instead of 8’, but 8 inches? No.

[FONT=Georgia]Sizes available:[/FONT]: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 15, and 16-inch diameters[FONT=Georgia].

[FONT=Georgia]Milled logs in diameters up to 40" [/FONT]

So times really have changed. Wow!

Nice. Thanks

I’m still going through the course. I am enjoying it, and I think it’s well done, but, if there were some way to click on the pictures to enlarge them, that would be helpful. The pictures are so small that it’s sometimes hard to see the details. This is the same in a lot of the courses. Just a thought.

Increase the size of everything on your monitor. Usually there’s a little screen resolution thingy in the bottom right of the monitor. I sometimes have to increase it to 175% to read text in pictures.

Russel’s advice is correct. Recently, we’ve updated our education system to provide hi-res images that can be enlarged for better viewing. Older courses (such as the Log Home Inspection course) has some smaller, low-res images that we work on updating.

That’s why I like the pinch zoom on my touch screen laptop.

Books received. Much appreciated. Thanks Nick!