Log Home course ties into conventional home inspection

As an inspector, certain areas of log homes require more attention than conventional homes, but the two share quite a few properties crucial to both. Take the log home courseand test your complete abilities as an inspector.

Learn details of the wood decay process and how mold fungi operate. What’s true for wood is true in not only logs, but studs and beams.

This course has good information on foundations and soil movement, WDI and more. Way more. Even if you don’t look at log homes, go right to the final exam and take it. You’ll be examined on a wide range of inspection-related topics many of which are basic and crucial to anyone in the home inspection business.

Here’s a place to find out if you’ve got what it takes to safely inspect homes at no risk to you or your business. Find your weak areas and improve them. Become a better inspector without having to pay!

If you find a better deal than this… don’t bother to tell anyone. You’re wrong.

And please… please, please…

If you ever find a better deal than this free course, the first of it’s kind, comprehensive, designed to protect inspectors, exhaustively researched and given up for free… call me so I can take it.

I’d give you my number, but you’ll never need it. -Kenton

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Thanks Kenton
that sure was a lot of information, and much of it I didn’t know…thanks for all of your effort, and another great class…jim


Took the course and the exam got 92%

Great infoI noticed a few typos but did not think to note the locations

Overall GREAT




Great job once again…I seem to be having some trouble with the test…and ID though

Barry, geezes, while Kenton was busting his chops putting this Course together and doing an exellent job at it like his Green Course, You and RR are out on a party and can’t drive home.

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Ouch!..that’s going to leave a mark in the morning…

Great course Kenton, Thanks,

Very informative course. I’ll have to do it again though since I paid more attention to looking for errors than I did the course itself. Now that I’m done emailing you, mebee I can retain something. I scored 85 on the exam, although it’s a pass, it’s just not good enough for me. High 90’s or nuttin!