Log home exterior with gaps

Just the right size. Only found one. It never did wake up.

Good eye.

I bet that would have shown up nicely in IR.

Are you sure he wasn’t just playing dead and waiting for the right time to escape?
Next time you see one throw a hat in the air, we used to catch them this way but only at night.:smiley:

Como say what??

They will dive into the hat.

Top hat? Panama hat? Hard hat? Plaid hunter’s hat with ear flaps?

Bat ball hat. LOL

Or a bowler like the one worn by Bat Masterson.


I have to hand it to you Kenton you are quick!

I was just hoping not to have to come up with any more. I think I’d be batting zero.

Kenton, you might need a bigger hat for Kevin’s theory.



A bigger hat for a bigger bat…



Orphan fruit bats being hand-raised in Australia

Dam, those things are disgusting. LOL

Kind of like a cross between a puppy and a pig when they’re all bundled up like that.

I’ve seen them at Fiji…damn things looked like they have a three foot wing span at night…they might…!

Hi Dale!

Hey Kent…!!

You go to Australia and see those Fruit Bats?

Damn, they look like the size of Eagles at night, scared the living ***** out me and the GF walking along a beach one night.

I had NO idea what the hell it was…except BIG----:stuck_out_tongue:

Then the bartender informed us…:smiley:

Nice catch on the lil fellow you found in the log home…!!

I was there for the month of February, but didn’t see any bats. Lotsa parrots. Got chewed up by one. I spent most of the month behind the computer building their website.
I saw them in Micronesia. My mother was in the Peace Corp there. About the size of a crow there. We saw them hanging from the trees during the day. They look like they ought to growl, yowl, snarl or scream or make some awful noise.