Log Home inspector needed in Switzerland.

On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 8:56 AM, Betty Thayer <betty@bettythayer.com> wrote:
> Dear Sir/Madam
> We are about to purchase an existing, 4 year old log cabin home in
> Switzerland. We are looking for an inspector who is based in Europe who
> could do a pre-purchase inspection. Can you help?
> Thank you.
> Betty Thayer
> +44 7785 382 375

If they can’t find anyone there, I’m probably closer to Europe than 99.9% of HI’s in eastern North America…and I’ll have an opening in about 2 weeks…SWEET!!!

And the whole trips a write-off Brian! I think it will take you at least a week…


Where are you located?

Brian is located in Canada.

At least…Did a $650,000+ log home about 6 weeks ago…right on the edge of the ocean. Took almost 5 hours. So I guess 2 weeks would be about adequate.

Had to make calls to the manufacturer as I had not done one of this company’s homes before…had water leakage stains at a few of the windward side windows that faced the ocean and they had poor flashing details for the deck to home connection. The log joints had all been caulked!! (“chinked” as they called it…hard to give up traditional terms)

Had a reason to call the inspection supervisor (my insider) for a large insurance company I used to do contract work for in 2002/3. The issue was that another insurance company mentioned by my clients would not insure the home if a wood stove were to be installed. My insider hit me with something that I had not heard before…They were not insuring log homes any longer due to water leakage!!!

The homes were getting larger (like this one) with richer owners…when they leaked, the owners would be a pain as they wanted all the water stains removed…easy to do with drywall (sealer/paint or replacement) but what do you do with stains into wood logs and pine interior window trim…so his company would rather not have the business, it’s a small market segment anyways.

He said the other insurance company must be nuts about not wanting to insure the home for a wood stove installation because it was log construction…regular homes with wood stoves burn in the same way!!

I’m in Tucson, got a call from Alaska, she liked my website and wanted me to do her house in Anchorage -1200sqft.

So when are you going and how much are you charging?