Log NACHI Online Training???

I recently took the NACHI online roofing course. Do we log these under the continuing education log?

Also, what section will tell me what courses are available in Ohio. I searched the continuing education log - but it doesn’t tell you how to go about registering for a class.


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They should have a record of it, but I would log it under the CE credits also.

Not sure about the second one, I’m sorry.

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Hi to all,

Brian, yes you need to put any completed courses into the education log including the online roofing or electrical courses, as the system is not able to log these automatically yet.

As you have seen you can research which courses other members have taken in Ohio or any other state, but the ammount of information available is dependent on the person reporting on the course, if they have not included web addresses or other contact information you will need to do some further research.



Thanks Gerry.

What about the classes we took at the 2006 convention, are they recorded from the attendence records?

I’m not Gerry, but I can answer that question. No! The reason being is we do not have the manpower or the individual sign-in names and passwords to enter the classes you attended. The logs were made for verification purposes, in case someone wants to sneak in a few that they did not attend and of course just to give us a general idea as to which classes were popular and requested the most.

Can you tell who has taken the electrical and roofing courses? Like if we want to put a copy of those certifications in a resume folder or framed on the wall, could we ask for them?

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