Log-out Time

I’ve tweaked the message board so it doesn’t log you out so quickly. Have those of you who thought the log-out time was too quick noticed a difference over the past day?

Why is it that when you click on New Post it pull up post all the way back to 10/16/2006? I come to the assoc. board everyday to see want is going on.


and suddenly we have many more users. Even set a record the other day (evidently not accurate, since many of those listed as viewing were actually long gone).

It has to do with the new way the system handles users. Rather than just marking all posts that you didn’t read the last time you accessed the site as read, it keeps track of everything that you ACTUALLY read (up to 10 days I think). For the first 10 days it might be a little annoying, but it should end up being much more usable in the end.

Because the system keeps you logged in for 1 hour instead of 15 minutes, it’ll tend to show more people logged in at once. It’s a trade-off that I thought was worth making.

Your effort is appreciated Chris, especially for those unforeseen interuptions.


How come the faces show up as Html on my posts rather then the actual face?

How come I sometimes have to use the “Go Advaned” button to post, as the Post Quick Reply does not always respond in uploading my posts?