Login to post forum but not site

Hello I was wondering what had happen to the site. I had tried to login but can’t then I tried again but couldn’t anyway I can login here but not there. Any idea any one here mine geogrund51@hotmail.com

Retype your password.
Not sure about here but many sites are requesting resets this past several days perhaps because of the heartbleed virus.

Log out and re log in again this worked for me.

If I remember correctly, registering for the MB was seperate from Joining Nachi, so you prolly used a different password. I have a list of passwords that I use, and different passwords are assigned to different types of access. You just need to remember which password you used, or email Nick to have the password reset.

This has happened to me on more than one occasion. I’ve had to re-type my name and password to get back on the NACHI site

Just make sure you use a good password and keep it safe but easy to remember like mine which is 1234, but keep it to yourself.