Logo Ball Cap

I’m looking at purchasing some ball caps with my logo on the front. Yesterday I visited a popular on line business that sells everthing one could need in terms of work clothes but they wanted $140.00 for one cap with a logo. Granted I picked a quality cap but that’s a little much I think.

Anyone have a recommendation for another place to look?


… personally I tend to stay away from aramark :wink:

I use Embroid Me. Here’s the MI. locations
http://www.embroidme.com/store-locations/michigan.asp :slight_smile:


Found a really great deal.

I didn’t even say it was aramark you clever devil. :lol:

Buy more than one.

There’s always a setup fee, so if the setup fee is $135 and the cap is $5, you pay $140 for just one cap. If you buy 100, then the cost per cap drops to $5.35.


Ditto, I use Queensboro, their pricing is good, and their service is great, the only word of caution is that you get what you pay for, their cheapest shirts and polos are not that good but their middle to upper priced stuff has consistently been good quality.



I have Queensboro as a ‘Preferred Vendor’ on my website.

4 pc min. and free setup on first logo.



Perhaps I should start using Queensboro. Sounds like an excellent company. :slight_smile:

Queensboro, pricing is good, and their service is good.

I use Queensboro, great prices 4 piece min purchase, no set up fee