Must the company logo be designed by NACHI to be included in the logo ticker at the bottom of the home page?


Hey Michael,

Since it reads this below the logo ticker “real InterNACHI member logos, designed for free as part of membership” and the image feed is running from our print site here: http://marketing.nachi.org/logos/


Why do you say that ?
Mine isn’t.
Unless I misunderstood the OP.
I can put anything I want on my homepage that isn’t copyrighted.

You misunderstood the question.

Then what is it please?

Reread it. Pretty simple question.

OK! I get it now …The NACHI home page.

Yes… :slight_smile:

Even a blind squirrel will find an acorn every once in a while…
I watched them all cycle through and mine never showed…Not that it matters.

Maybe you didn’t watch long enough. Did you see mine?

Yes! It went by twice then I stopped.

You should be able to see them all here: http://marketing.nachi.org/logos/