Just wondering if anyone in here has taken advantage of the free logo design and how long did it take to get?

I did, and its faster than you can imagine, and better than you’d expect. :smiley:

I think Everyone has and loves it. It is all I see here :slight_smile:

If you really need it fast because you want to print, use our Express Lane.

So are you talking a month?

thanks Nick

I was just wondering about aa time line. I didnt want to seem like I was complaining or anything.
I appreciate the info, and the dervice.

I’d say the Express Lane lives up to its name… maybe a week or so in design stage.

For just the logo, when you wait in line it’s about 5 months out from the day you post a request.

When you go through the Express Lane it only takes a few days from start to finish.

I did express and it took less than 24 hours for the logo

love mine