Loisiana limits mold liability.

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(August 13, 2004) – The Louisiana legislature has passed a bill that limits the mold liability for certain real estate licensees. The new law, which goes into effect immediately, states that commercial real estate contractors and marine contractors who build structures such as docks and seawalls, as well as any real estate licensee who represents such contractors during a transaction, shall not be liable for injuries, damages, losses, or claims related to mold or mold damage not caused by defects in workmanship or design.

Norman Morris, senior vice president for the Louisiana Association of REALTORS?, says the original bill did not extend protection to licensees, but LAR worked to attach an amendment covering real estate practitioners. Morris says that in today's litigious society, ensuring that members were afforded the protections is critical.

"When someone files a lawsuit relating to mold, they typically name everyone in the lawsuit," says Morris. "We wanted to get a law on the books that protected the real estate practitioner."

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