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User Name: wforsyth Location: Shelton, Wa Posts: 1,117 [ maybe not;) :wink: ] ole Nickey will come up with a good explanation so I’m no longer confused. I know it’s a lot of questions but what the heck, nick likes to answer my questions if there is a way for him to twist the facts and make nachi shine. :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:](“”)

Not that I respect you even a little, but you raise an interesting point.

The publicly posted figures from 2004 seem to verify the suspicion that the tracking of renewals may be inaccurate, or including many who did not pay dues.

NACHI claimed over 4,094 members on the tax form (estimated forms - actual forms have yet to be posted), yet only enough income (at $289 each) to total 2,659 fully paid members.

Apparantly the explanation is that this is due to some internal bookkeeping or procedural problem. But 35% of memberships unpaid seems to me to indicate that there is at least a legitimate question about the accuracy of the membership totals.

I respect you a little Dan.:smiley: