lol, Vid, says Save money on costly basement flooding repair by doing this......

…free and simple method, the Eddie mars-bar channel :mrgreen:

Use grass, leaves and build up the earth, the ground…putting limbs, grass and leaves around DUH corner too…that’s it.

All due respect Mr Ed but you couldn’t be more OFF on this subject.

Hmmm, so raising and sloping the grade, and-or adding limbs, grass and leaves will save us from basement flooding eh?

If a basement floods due to, a blockage-clog etc in the lateral line then THAT IS THE PROBLEM and your added soil or leaves or grass or limbs does NOT have ANYYYTHING ta do with this and doesn’t snake etc the lateral line baby!

Same goes if a basement floods due to a wall having 1++ cracks in it.
Raising and sloping the grade, adding leaves 'n grass doesn’t fix, repair,waterproof the cracks and will not keep all subsurface water OFF the wall, off the cracks but you keep trying.

And, are you going to SELL your house with 1++ cracks, aka defects in a basement wall and maybe hide/conceal them with paneling etc and tell a potential buyer you had some problems with basement flooding/leaks but you supposedly fixed the leaks by adding soil, leaves,grass? HUH? lolol

I really think I need to bein taking opium rectally #-o#-o#-o
Dunno how some of you peeps think that by adding soil and sloping the shtt or adding leaves, grass, fixes ANY of the actual problems for basement leaks/flooding.

Hey, what about those homeowners who get water in, sometimes a lot, due to open mortar joints or caulking needs around windows, doors etc?
Does adding soil, leaves, grass or a donkey’s azz fix/repair/tuckpoint/caulk these problems? HUH?

Geez, maybe Eddie Money is on to something, maybe I can fix my leaky roof by adding/placing soil and leaves and grass and limbs on duh roof. :-k

Ed, eyeball the grade UP to this lady’s home…the back was pretty much the same, sloped away…WHY did the dumb az basement keep leaking???
If there were no openings around all those lines coming through/out of the basement wall and if some dumb az had not drilled holes through the blocks then the basement would not have leaked, REGARDLESS of the dumb az grade!@!

Things you never hear/George Carlin

My own worst enemy/Lit
…please tell me whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy