Lollipop Issues Anyone?

My Note 3 updated to the lollipop os this morning. I have an inspection this afternoon. Anyone hit any issues running the new software update?

Played with it a little bit. Didn’t notice anything.

My Note 3 is working fine EXCEPT that browser isn’t always rotating right and the dial pad stays on when I’m on calls so my face hits buttons when I’m not on bluetooth, argh!

My card reader wasn’t working yesterday but they fixed it it’s working today

My GPS wasn’t working this morning. I restarted the phone twice, and then it was OK. Maybe it just takes awhile to get recognized by the network after coming out of airplane mode.

We haven’t had any support calls related to lollipop yet so all seems well so far.

On my Samsung Galaxy S5 I have had nothing but problems since Lollipop updated. I held off as long as I could before installing since the update downloaded and I accidentally hit the install button as I could not clear it from my notifications.

Constant error messages. Inability to set alarms to override preferences. Burning through my battery. Sluggish response. I went through all of the normal resets, updates, battery pulls, data clears, re-installation of programs, etc. to no avail.

To make a long story short, after spending hours on the phone with Sprint, Google, and Samsung, it was Samsung who finally did a “virtual tutor” and took control of my phone remotely. After clearing data related to 15 or 20 different applications in my phone, modifying a few other settings, and then uninstalling and re-installing several applications, I am without the error messages, but still struggling with the settings.

I understand that there is a learning curve to any update but I can assure you I am not an Android newb. This update is terrible. It seems at the very least I will need to flash an original install of lollipop (as opposed to the update) in order to modify settings to where I prefer them and in turn essentially wiping my phone.

Not a happy camper.

I just got the download and have not hit install but see I need extra space which is loaded so thanks for the warning.

Not sure what advantage it is to install. need to switch phones every year or so anyway.]

At the very least, count on it taking 45 minutes to complete the update and then maybe 30 minutes after that to adjust some settings. Not something you want to do while in the field.

I see absolutely no advantage to the update, but you don’t have much of a choice at this point.

My phone is 1 year old but do not want the galaxy 6 as it has no changeable battery.Have the note 3 and happy but want to upgrade to a better camera next.Holding out for the LG as it is supposed to be 50% better than others. not released yet ]

It screwed my text sizes and really slowed things down. It made the text in HG comments impossible to read unless I clicked twice and that area returned to normal.

The text is all small in HomeGauge for today’s inspection was not fun Russell you gotta fix it

Update warns you may lose info and I just tried to transfer my photo files but for some reason my computers say they can not read the format or when downloaded nothing is in the desktop folder.
Anyone experience this ?
Never had this issue before .

I’ll get with the nerds on Monday regarding text sizes…Found another comment on our old forums:

It seems to do it sporadically.

It will take some more investigation to figure out a fix or maybe there will be an Android update soon.

For now one way to be able to read the text is too long hold on the text area so that the copy / paste menu pops up at the top. The text will suddenly be properly sized and you will need to “X” out of the copy/paste menu.

You can also rotate the screen back and forth for it to resize the text.

This is a pain but at least you can then read the comment.

Mine started doing it this weekend. I emailed support a pic of it but it seems your already aware of it. Hopefully you’ll find a fix soon.

Notice that today.

I know you can’t predict or beta test everything. But it is annoying to go from the iOS app not working and settle into the Note 4 only for an issue with it to come up. Also, doesn’t help to have two newly hired inspectors trying to use it. Hopefully the fix will come soon.

I agree. ios issues are finally getting worked out with a new build sent a few days ago to the iTunes store. We are waiting for them to release it. We have no control on how fast they release it. Just like we have no control how often android updates their ios and when.

Android is notorious for fixing some bugs and creating others.


Russell, great job getting the Android fix out the door. Just updated. Thank you!!