Lon Barnaby, Florida Legal Question

I am a Florida home inspector, recently transferred from Pennsylvania. I am not sure about a few Florida issues, so perhaps someone can help me.

  1. Are Home Inspectors allowed to perform Pest Inspections? In Pennsylvania, they are; however, the standard Pennsylvania Realtor Sales Agreement states that any pest inspection must be conducted by a Pennsylvania Certified Pest Control Operator. Does the standard Florida Realtor Sales Agreement have any qualifications for pest inspections?

  2. Are there any licensing requirements necessary to conduct septic inspections in Florida. Pennsylvania has none.

  3. I have been certified by Florida to conduct Radon testing. Are there any Florida laws concerning other areas of home inspections, for example, HVAC, Mold, etc.?

  1. NO. You have to be a CPO to conduct and write termite inspections (assuming you mean termite and not just ants or rodents)

2)You must be a licnesed septic compnay or a master plumber in the state of Florida to do these inspection. It is actually law.