Long Inspection

You know your going to be at an inspection a good portion of the day, when you pull up to this house…

Why don’t they simply purchase the land and build new?

You’re joking, if you’re not-how long? and was it perfect?

That is describe as
A beautiful Older home just waiting for a young couple to give it TLC. Anyone one would jump on this IN TN

Actually it could be the shortest inspection and report done…

“Recommend General Contractor bulldoze house down and start a new.”

There is a pretty good chance that I wouldn’t have even gone inside.

I was thinking the same thing, when I saw the picture.
I’d believe you could build anew, with what you’d spend on the amount of fix up materials to make that place liveable…:shock:

I hope you noted the torn window screen. :mrgreen:

When the foundation starts sprouting trees, it’s time to move on. :slight_smile:

Here’s another one…

and this one is more expensive because it’s on a lake.

I don’t think I would even put the transmission in park when I pulled up to either one of those.

My agreement:

“WE reserve the right to charge an additional fee for homes in distress, cluttered, foreclosed; failure to notify US of such a property at the time of scheduling may result in the inspection being aborted and the CLIENT will be responsible for a $150.00 travel fee.”

Hope you got paid a lot for those POS’s.


Can you email me a copy of your agreement? I like some of the verbiage that you have posted in the past and might want to consider adding it into my agreement.


They just keep coming…

Oh, trust me…I don’t get short changed.

David, just curious as to what some of these beauties are selling for? In my area they’d bee going for about 2k.


I don’t get involved with the pricing of these homes nor do I care to. I just know that the Realtor’s are advertising these POS as fixer-uppers and they are deeply discounted compared to other homes in the area, which is why the Buyers are flocking to these homes.

I’ve inspected so many of these high-quality homes that half of the Buyers tell me to stop the inspection within an hour of my arrival. They simply walk and I get paid.

And another…


“Good Condition, One Owner” LOL

And another…


One man’s trash…