Long Island-New York Meeting

Len Ungar and I want to know if the Long Island membership wants to have a LI Chapter meeting, or should we wait for the state to enact Continuing ED credit for Home Inspectors to benefit Licensed Inspectors.

E-Mail us at allaround@optonline.net

Thanks and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

How long before the C.E. goes into effect?

Maybe we could have something very informal at Goldfingers or Gossips:shock:


I would love it if the Long Island Chapter started having regular meetings again. I spoke to Len about it and he made me aware of the difficulties he encountered. I’m here to help if needed. :slight_smile:

Bill Smith:

Give Len a call. I am sure he would love the assistance.

I will forward this to him.

Happy Holidays.


I spoke to Len a few weeks ago and we agreed to talk again after the New Year.

Best wishes for a great 2007.

great- Happy Holidays

Free- Moderators for meeting will be
John Bowman, Len Unger and Bill Merrell
The On-Line Meeting will be in a power point style which
can be downloaded and retained by the NACHI Member
After the meeting questions will be made on the message center and
will be answered in real time- we can responde to up to 500
particpants in this 1st On-Line Chapter Meeting- FREE!

so i can show up to the meeting in my bunny sleepers !!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


MIC !!!
We will have a baby bottle ready for you if you like ???

Nah, thats alright, I was thinking more breast fed:shock: :shock: :shock:


and not by none of yous guys either

I am happy about that!