long time user of drano!


Yikes. That cans probably 30 years old!

don’t lick that !!!

You have that stuff all over your hands Joe.
Go wash them.

Is that the right spelling?

You don’t know how to spell Joe Bob???

I actually had a client report me to the BBB because I put in the report that the upper shower drain ran slowly, so he dumped some Drano in the drain and took a shower. A few minutes later his wife was yelling at him to turn off the water. He flooded his whole living room. He claimed I should have warned him about using Drano in his plumbing. I told him I did not recommend for him to use any cleaner in his drains, so his complaint is with the company who manufactures Drano. The arbitrator for the BBB was beside himself for even him suggesting I should pay for his stupidity.

Ats y i axed jimmy james

So…who’s this “Joe Bob” feller, anyhow???

drain cleaner salesman Jae…

Well I do remember this one.


Marcel, according to the commercial DRANO opens drains, that is apparently what occcurred in the post above where the shower drain that was slow landed the inspector in front of the BBB arbitrator. Talk about truth in advertising!:wink: