Long verticle crack on exterior bricks.

Went to go look at a house we’re interested in buying today, one thing that concerned me is on the side of the house there was one long verticle crack through the bricks. My inspector said its not a good sign and could get worst over time.

Can one of you experts chime and put your thoughts on this?

Not an expert, but will give my thoughts. It appears to have been fixed once and cracked again. This indicates movement of the foundation that is not finished moving. Your inspector is right, not a good sign. Suggest you get a structural engineer to look at the foundation walls and footings.

Based only on your picture, the uniform cracks appears to be caused by thermal movement.

Is this a bad thing Randy? what are the implications in the long term?

Based only on your picture, the cracking seems to be in the veneer only with no cracking in the foundation… BUT… I would never take that as fact without a full and proper onsite evaluation!

May I suggest consult with your inspector to provide you with further information and suggestions.


A thermal crack, if confirmed, in itself is not a structural problem. The crack could be sawed and the appropriate backer rod and sealant installed.

Thanks for your input guys, I appreciate it.