Long wait time for support!

Does anyone else experience long wait times with HIP when you need support? We have called, emailed and even marked one critical and still took all day to get a return call. Just wanted to see if this response time is their norm. Considering shopping around for better support, but hate to go through the hassle of starting new. Thanks

Hi Aaron,

I’m sorry to hear that you were having issues with our support. I can assure you that’s not how we handle things! We tried calling you back several times today but got your voicemail and your voicemail box was full each time. My staff mentioned this to your wife when they talked to her earlier today so hopefully you got that resolved.

You submitted a ticket question at 9:31am PST today and Dan responded at 10:07am PST, half an hour later. Our goal is to respond to all emails/help desk submissions within an hour. Often we get to it much faster though there are times when it can take longer occasionally if some of our team is at a conference or very early morning, late at night.

Our tech support hours are double pretty much everyone in the industry. Our support team comes in at 6am PST and answers phones until 9pm PST (midnight EST). I personally respond to tickets until around midnight PST/3am EST as the rest of my staff is off that late. Almost all of our competitors are East Coast based (we have support in 4 states) and phones/emails are only answered until 2pm PST.

If you have any other questions, please let us know!

I think they are slammed right now with everyone jumping over from HG. I had a 4 hour email delay too. Usually like 5 to 10 minutes. Ask when you do get ahold of someone?

We have been unusually busy lately with a ton of conversions since the conference and everything that’s happening lately in the industry. 4 hours is still WAY too long for me. I’m going through the last few days of stats right now to see what’s going on, whose answering what, etc and where we can improve that more.

Our call volume and support tickets are about double last month before IW which is a bit crazy. Myself and some of our support team have also been focusing on testing the latest desktop & mobile beta so we can get it out the door plus I’ve been working on HIP HOP. The heavy testing is probably taking a bit of a toll but the update will be out shortly so that will end for now! I think my ability to answer 5 tickets at once has always helped speed things up lol.

I have always experienced fast results, never a problem. Keep up the great service Dom!!

Thanks Mike. Our average ticket response today was 9 minutes which I think is pretty good!

We do have slower days from time to time though we get tons of compliments on our support on a daily basis for chips. Wayne is doing our live training classes for 4 hours on Tuesday and if we have someone out sick or a few people at a conference we can back up a bit.