Longest Inspection Ever

1903 two story solid brick. Six hours, torn jacket, cut hand, lost screwdriver, lost flashlight, bump on head, headache, ten zillion questions, lead paint, asbestos, wild mushrooms, 168 pictures and plenty of issues. I’ll have some intersting pics in about a week when the report is finished. :sarcasm:

Did you eat those mushrooms before the inspection??

DANG !!!:shock:


No, Linas. I’m going to eat them before a News Years Eve party. :margarit: :smiley:

Erol which burb were you in?
Can’t wait to see the pics.


Don’t feel bad, I had a rough one too…:shock:



The one time mini-mansion turned two flat some time ago is in Berwyn. Garage use to be a barn! Vintage but not wealthy neighborhood.

As Svengoolie likes to say…
(almost as fun as Cicero)