Look around. Everything in this world needs to be inspected.

It all continues to slowly fall apart (Second Law of Thermodynamics) and the world needs us to note it.

Best of all… they can’t download a free inspector, replace us with robots, or outsource us to India.

We couldn’t dream up a better profession to be in.

The bad part is we are also falling apart .
Might be a while before they make disposable homes however.

Licensing and state HI laws are ruining, and dumb-ing down our profession, and at rapid pace. Basic, soft inspections are now the norm. No appliances or appliance connections. One window, one outlet, one switch per room. One bathroom. One step. One cabinet.

A representitive number is one. It must be “were accessible”.

Until state laws change, and association SOP’s updated to be at a more professional level, Uncle Bob can check anything cheaply, if not for free. So can any real estate agent, since they, and appraisers, are exempt from HI laws.

As in Washington DC, it is a total cluster.

I got an email last week - Do you inspect cars?

And?.. Did you find anything wrong with the car? :wink:

I passed on it. I probably should have said, not unless its inside the living room…

It’s a perfect storm for inspectors:

  • All the well-built older homes are now old.
  • All the recently built homes are junk.
  • Pent up demand.
  • Crazy low interest rates.

I have inspected several cars for out-of-towners.


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