look before you leap

Word of advice to you new guys, always look in the attic before you go on the roof, the bedroom ceiling is supporting the roof, good chance of ending up in the bedroom


What are you worried about, you can grab the knob & tube on the way down, I sure it’s been disconnected (Realtor said so) and the vermiculite won’t raise too much dust.

Good one Ramm!

I always look in the attic before getting on the roof.

You never know when the home may have previous had cedar shake with skip sheathing and replaced with composition shingles without putting plywood down. Sure, it’s a rare situation, but it can happen.

Or sometimes there are cracked planks.

Or holes punched through the plywood that someone just shingled over.

You never know unit you look.

I started looking in the attic before going on the roof after I got on one that had been on fire and not properly repaired. ������

Do you guys do your exterior inspection last or just the roof last?

Usually the roof is the last thing I do, I tell my clients that way they still have most of an inspection if I fall off. The real reason is the roof inspection is more likely to get me and my ladder (Werner folding) muddy tracking around the yard etc., so I do the inside first in order to stay clean.

Especially metal roofs…

Rick, how did the roof look from the outside? Was there any indication that the framing was in this kind of condition?

There is more to be seen on the roof than shingles. I do my walk around first it tells me where I usually can find the electric panel and where the safest place to climb the roof is. Next comes the roof not only to determine the condition and age of the shingles the roof also tells me the type of plumbing material in use it also tells me the location of the water heater and the furnace and or if the flue pipes are combo together. The roof also tells me the general location and how many bathrooms are in the home before I ever enter the home. We have vertical dryer vents in my area and most usually the rain caps are blocked with lint which can not be seen from the ground Gary Farnsworth take a lesson here. :p;-)

The only way to get up there was to go to the end of the block and go up there and cross over four roofs to get there and that wasnt going to happen, so i used my pole camera, best investment ever.