Look behind those drawers

How many people slide out a kitchen drawer all the way? Just think what might be lurking behind there. :shock:

Mold (600 x 400).jpg

Good find!

Another example of why we need a better written SOP.

Should that have been found by an inspector performing the standard of care inspection? Looks like one of those possible cases where money goes in the atty’s pocket trying to figure out if that should have been found or missed…

Now Brian has to always look there now that he did at least once…

Did the house smell moldy? How good is your sniffer?

Yes, the house had plenty of mold but not very evident until you looked for it. Thank god my sniffer is top notch :wink: .

Got your training here, did ya? :mrgreen:

Stay in the hunt, and yes a good find.

Kudos to you.

Did you find the source of moisture?

Yes, plumbing leak under the kitchen sink. Practically flooded the first floor and the crawlspace. Hardwoods were swelled, some so bad I couldn’t even open doors to closets and the garage.

This report was one that took me almost 5 hours to finish up. The house was a wreck, but the buyers didn’t seem too concerned about it. :roll:

Good nose, but what’s with the hair. But then again you have made some good movies.

Great Find!
You served your clients well.