Look Out, Nebraska...

…the licensing crowd wants you, next.

It seems an inspector missed a few code items and was unaware of a lingering furnace problem that was discovered when the HVAC mechanic took the furnace apart.

In other words…problems that would have happened if the inspector was licensed or not…are reasons to push licensing in Nebraska.

Bend over and grab your ankles…or fight.

Here’s the story the proponents want to use.

Notice how it carefully avoids say WHO RECOMMENDED the inspector?

Any guesses?

[quote=“ecrofutt, post:2, topic:33943”]

Notice how it carefully avoids say WHO RECOMMENDED the inspector?


And it’s the inspector’s fault that there are so many different codes regulating one system.

End of ****ing story. Licensing doesn’t save idiots like you from yourself.

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Licensing… Resistance is futile, ASHI & the EBPHI will outspend you anti-licensing guys 100 -to- 1. Hell, who knows Nick is probably silently backing nation wide licensing to sell more education too. You anti-licensing guys are like Atheists at a church covered-dish dinner, outnumbered & more pitied than feared.

That is the main reason A$HI is in such bad financial shape. They are more concerned about getting their old out of dated inspectors positions as teachers or on licensing boards in these newly licensed states then to care what it is doing to its members.

…and we are growing in number and volume. Each of the last two years, the MAR lobbiest was promising the members that “this is the year”. In an interview that he and I recently shared, he was not so sure and unwilling to predict the outcome.

If we were better organized, we would be approaching the state governors facing budget crises due to decreased tax revenues this year with the options of saving wasted state dollars by rescinding these unnecessary and ineffective licensing laws.

You would be remiss here if you did not call out the pvc water piping. And if a complaint was filed with the State, probably sanctioned.