Look what I can do!

I was progressing normally throught he attic area, carefully walking the planks set by the owner, an electrician, when the plank snapped and there was nothing to grab except the bottom of the rafter with my crotch area when I was through it.
I am hurting pretty bad, bruised nicely, mostly me ego and pride are pained.

The owner said he would replace it as it was his fault for the shotty planks anyway.
I could not leave without paying him something, it was my body that fell.


Boy that had to hurt…

You have a nice seller. That cost me $800.00 last time it happened.

$50.00 in cash, and he was smiling.

That is why I only step on the bottom cord and always have a hand on something above me.

I hope that you are OK and don’t have to experience that again.

I had a car component tossed by accident by a mechanic. I received a check for the parts replacement. This story reminds me that there was a ‘claims release’ by endorsement on the back of the check. This case sounds like having that in a rubber stamp, and check book ready might have worked too. Anyone use such a thing?


$800.00 for a human sized drywall hole? Wow, Florida is an expensive state.

Glad to hear you’re basically OK and will heal.

Hope you got the seller to sign a release form with along with a receipt of payment.

You were fortunate only $50. and a bruised ego. I would take that any day if that were to happen to me.:smiley:


:shock: your not kidding $50 more than covers supplies.

Mike, glad to hear you where not seriously injured!

Stay safe.