Looking at, inspecting the INSIDE of foundation walls doesn't mean you saw the entire story

no, sorry, it doesn’t mean an HI or structural engineer or a realtor etc has seen the true condition of the g dang basement wall, you are wrong, been wrong, damn! lolol

Brick foundation wall, INSIDE basement, ya might just think n say, hmmm, doesn’t appear that bad

Same house outside views (2 videos)
see any problems, cracks etc that you can’t, didn’t see from inside duh basement?

same house, further down the wall towards the front of house, see any problems, any pathways where water was getting in basement? DON’T worry or concern yourself with anything like this?

Let me ask again, can you inspect a roof from the attic? Will you be able to see any exterior problems/openings etc in roof from attic? Asking for Donny J Trump

how about this, is mold and water in basement okay? What, just slap some paint over it after ya try and wipe off some of the mold, then sell it, right? Happens ALL the time, who gets scr_wed? BUYERS!
INTERIOR drainage systems do NOT stop water that is entering through exterior foundation wall cracks baby, no!

Crawlspace, some of the exterior… some of the exterior openings, pathways where water was getting in crawlspace, so… just because you don’t/can’t see it or don’t understand THIS subject, means don’t worry about it, means it’s okay to install an INT system/encapsulation? Just let the shtt on the exterior deteriorate more right?

2-videos, same house
Interior basement shttball drainage system was installed, cost $14,000+… ask yourselves, why did the homeowner call if everything is fine here and nothing was leaking?

You may think and say, ohhhh that doesn’t appear too bad, you don’t see any cracks/problems lolol duh, and hey, there’s an INT system do that’s wonderful going forward, pffftt.

Here’s the exterior view of the foundation wall, see any exterior openings into foundation wall under side door, down low, at-near corners? What? Don’t worry about anything like this, no structural problems/cracks? Exterior waterproofing SHOULD have been done in the first place, NOT the stupid azz INT water-diverting system and, it would have cost LESS!!! Not more, less mfr!

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