Looking at upgrading to a tablet computer

I cannot believe how fast my computer is considered outdated. I am looking at upgrading to a tablet computer but I still think my system still works fine for what I use it for. What do you think from the picture I included?

mobal office.jpg

I don’t think you need a tablet. Just upgrade to a 19" flat screen!

Talk about having a WOW factor. I am sure that it impresses your client as well as the Realtor.

How can you see the screen without a glare filter???

very nice

Hey! I switch CPU and had to enter my user name and password since this one hasn’t stored it and I see it shows that this is my second post. When I do a search for all posts under my name, the old posts show but this one doesn’t. What’s up with this?

Ok, the true me is back. I must have signed up for NACHI once before and forgot about it. As you can see, my name has grown from kluce to Kevin Luce. I think if feels like when a cave man stood upright for the first time.:slight_smile:


Very funny!!

This is funny as well!!


Have a look at the Fujitsu T4220 www.fujitsu.ca

I have been using one and it is fantastic… everything you need with a burner and a 12 inch screen. :slight_smile:


I have a Compac TC1000 tablet for sale for $475 if any one is interested. OS is XP

Good luck with that…

:roll: Yep, that what you would pay for a highly used tablet PC. I had mine refurbished by the Laptop Doctor here in Columbus. That means he formated the system, reloaded OS, all drivers, checked all systems, checked the tablet screen to make sure there was no writing problems, and that the batteries were holding charge. This system has everything with it. Restore disks, external Usb cd-rom, screen protector, and case. I was running Inspectvue on it. So the $475 price is not a bad price when you go out and look for a new or even a refurb tablet. And to answer anyones question as why I am selling it? I upgraded my tablet because I have changed the way on how I am delivering my inspection reports to my clients. If anyone is interested you can get a hold of me.

Very nice Doug!!

That was a little pricey for me, I purchased this from HP recently.



I have to agree, I have been using Fujitsu for about 5-6 years now, they appear to be much more reliable and robust than others.



I just remembered something funny.

I have a friend that was selling Fujitsu Fax machines 30 years ago. The presentations that he had to put together to “convince” businesses to buy a fax machine were the size of my HI reports! Technology has come a long way!

Anyway I thought I would share.

Some features to consider when buying a tablet:

  1. Slate versus laptop style that comes with its own keyboard
  2. Indoor out door screen versus indoor only.
  3. Some tablets nowadays allows you to remove the cd rom and insert a second battery in the cd rom bay (bay battery) this gives you twice the staying power:)
  4. size and weight can differ
  5. Cost varies
    What else?