Looking for 2 Inspectors In VA

I am looking for two Home Inspectors that are licensed to do inspections in the state of VA.
Pay will be a set wage of $10,000.00 a month.

Effort will be Monday through Friday, with 10 Hr day to complete the 4585 assessments in 9.5 to 10 months. The original start date for these assessments was mid to late October 2021.

The assessments shall include unit interiors, building systems, common areas, building exteriors, equipment drainage, landscaping and other improvements. The assessment shall consist of the visual survey only of the property, components, systems and elements that are easily visible and readily accessible. No intrusions, sampling, boring or disassembly of any component, systems or infrastructure is required. In short, no Roofs, Crawlspaces or Attics.

All inspection/assessment data will be entered on a Ipad that will be provided with software/report format.


Looks like everyone is busy as my little company is. That is good news.

Offer still stands.