Looking for a comprehensive source on residential roof flashing

Looking for one that covers things like proper flashing and counterflashing for stone & brick chimneys, parapets on flat roofs, changes in pitch, etc.


Take a look around my two sites and see if there is anything you can use. There are full size pics linked to most. (approx 900x675)






If you find anything useful, a link back to RoofingContractorReview.com would be appreciated.


Architectural Graphic Standards. Expensive.

New copies are. My copy is 1970. I compared it to a new one a couple of years ago and there didn’t seem to be much difference.

Thanks Dennis! We’ll look through it.


Thanks for dropping in on us.

Awesome craftsmanship! and pix from what I was able to view so far.

I’ll spend more time over this weekend.


It’s nice to see some other professionals out there trying to educate rather than rip off the homeowners.

Great info.

I have about 100 different albums here http://rcs.si-sv2628.com/photo_album_list.asp?u=30

JUst select an album from the drop down menu and selcet ‘Get Album’. Click images to enlarge. Feel feel to e-mail about any specific album.

As for written books, I can’t help you.

Frank, I have to tell you, you are a welcome source of information. Thanks for taking the time to post on the InterNACHI message boards. These are the most active boards for guys who have to make decisions about roofing, and most of us are not ex-roofers. 50% of us have a background in construction,but the more experts like you who will answer questions, the better we can be.