looking for a great memory hook

Good afternoon:

Well it goes without saying that this collective group holds all the relevant knowledge concerning home inspection, marketing, and technical issues.

So my simple request is to help me market my services better by using a “memory hook”. Here are a couple of examples…
“when you want a good looker”
“big or small, we inspect them all”
“inspect it once, inspect it right”

They all see pretty weak to me.

Would you have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance

Bill Marston :eek:

Nobody bit so far, so I’ll try …
They can put a man on the moon, but they can’t put one over on Mars-ton! :slight_smile:

Marston in Kingston, dude get da job done!

Thanks for a great one


As a BNI member, I often use:

“The best inspection, for your protection”

:smiley: enjoy,

“Better a home inspector than a home invader” :wink:

Try this.
Not the best, but better than the rest!


Thank you

Bill Marston

](http://www.alphahomeinspections.ca/quote) That’s what my old girlfriend use to say. and she was right, most of the time. :twisted: