Looking For A Home Inspection Trainee Long Island

I’m looking to hire a home inspection trainee for the New York City and Long Island Areas. Must have some inspection or construction experience and be computer savvy. The hours are full time and there will be a training salary .If interested please email me at Buildinginspector@gmail.com. Our company website is www.nyinspect.net to learn more about our company.

Mr Herman…inquiring minds want to know… From the members list, you are not a member of INACHI, but you are a member of this BB. On each page of your website, you have the old NACHI logo on the top left hand side and the American Home Warranty logo on the top right hand side. On your “NY Inspect” page you state …
“Utilizing the latest technology, you will be provided with a detailed yet easy to understand report that meets strict ASHI (American Society of Home Inspectors) Standards.”
So, which is it? Are you an ASHI member without Logo privaledge? Are you a former NACHI member who hasn’t updated his website? Or are you an independant Inspector who decided to include things on his site he has no entitlement to, yet knows that the public recognizes these associations?
I ask these simple questions and expect answers. It would seem to me that if anyone from this association were to be interested in employment with your company, they should at least know something about you.

Awaiting your reply

I would like to begin by thanking you for taking time out of your busy day in Coe Hill,On to respond to my post and to spend so much time on my website.I can only assume that you must be looking to relocate to NY in the near future and look forward to meeting you. My website is actually very informative and I would encourage anyone using this website(member or non member) to speak with me as well as meet me in person before considering employment with my company.I will be glad to ask my web designer to remove the link on my website to the Nachi website ,thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.

Mr Herman

Actually, I did find your website informative, as well as very well laid out.
It was the inconsistancies that caught my eye however and I just wanted some clarification, nothing more. By the tone of your reposte, I sense I have offended you, I can assure you that that was not my intention.