Looking for a home warranty

Good evening guys.

I am closing on a house in two weeks. I wanted to reach out and see if there are any particular companies you would recomened.

The bank is paying up to $450 for the home waaranty although I am willing to pay the difference if it is more expensive. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Residential Warranty Services http://www.rwsisg.com 800-544-8156

Does anyone have any information regarding the laws limiting 90-Day Warranties in Florida?


Thanks in advance.

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The best home warranty providers for Florida are listed here.

Did you see those prices, they were all about $400. :shock:

Here is an interesting link that kinda addresses it, but not too much.

Interesting, yes. Surprising comments, no.

And what is:

I looked at their top rated warranty company Sensible that supposedly had an overall rating of 4.5 stars and 10 of the 22 reviews on page 50 were 1 star. Who’s controlling that site and how do we know employees from companies are not just stuffing the ballot box? Whichever warranty company you use, read the exclusions and definitions as to what is or is not covered before you purchase. If you cannot understand or comprehend it, find someone who can (a qualified insurance agent or real estate atty would be a good place to start as these forms usually read like a home insurance policy) and offer to pay them a fee to do so for you. I believe this post started as an individual asking for assistance. For those of you looking to bash Nathan Thornberry in our public Florida Forum, take your garbage back to the private forums please, sick of reading your incessant drivel.

This guy closed on this house over 7 months ago. Old thread dug up just to throw trash at a vendor. JB’s (lol, killed 2 JB’s with one stone) must not have anything better to do. (you read through 7 months of old posts to bring this up?) Take your wife out, do anything. You let this rule every moment of your life and you don’t even use the product, one’s not even an inspector, move on, head towards the light!!! Sad. Just, wow, pathetic.

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Yeah, you’ll simply never find me peddling it to anyone, ever. :smiley:

Powerful words from the peanut gallery, I fart in your general direction. What are ya gonna do hold your breath till you turn blue? :smiley:

I guess things didn’t quite go their way…
Nothing that wasn’t expected…

Wow!! Dancing around the facts,*** again***. He doesn’t hang out there much, no newbies to sucker.

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The question any established home inspector would have to ask themselves is why they would risk their reputation in the community by pushing warranties which in the past have been held up to public ridicule and distain… If it weren’t for my love for this profession, I would wish that all of my competition would choose to become warranty providers, but I feel that would only hurt our profession in the long run.