looking for a mentor

Hi, My name is Kathy Packer and I have just completed the inspect4U Home inspection training program. I am wanting to start working in the home inspection industry as soon as possible. I am looking for a mentor who will take me for ride-a-longs and teach me how to be a successful inspector. I am looking for someone in the Red Deer-Calgary area of Alberta, as I live in a small town in between these 2 cities. Thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

Greetings - You might want to start by looking in your own area via some of the inspector look up tools. Once you get a list of them try giving them a call, explain your situation and see if they are willing to allow you to ride along.

You will encounter the “protective” folks and some will be helpful.


Best of luck to you! I had the advantage of a long-term relationship with an inspector from back in the days when I was a Realtor and I referred all my clients to him. He was great.

I was disappointed in the lack of interest/support from members of my local inspector’s chapter. At one of our meetings I ask if anyone would be interested in helping (for compensation, of course). Crickets.

Later, when joining the state inspectors association, the lady in the state office sent an email to a local inspector who was supposed to help with ride-alongs asking him to contact me. Never heard from him.

Hopefully, your experience will be more positive. Be mindful of the fact that these people are imparting valuable knowledge to you, deserve compensation, and are not highly motivated to train what will become their competition. That’s the problem with online training - no local support.